Tican Chilled

We are a market-leading wholesaler serving the UK with a comprehensive range of high quality meat products. If you haven’t already heard of us, here’s where you find out who we are and how we go about our business. www.ticanchilled.co.uk what you won’t find however is lots of marketing and advertising jargon. We believe in telling it like it is.

Tican Chilled is a business with a mission and we want to get on with it. Which makes us very much like the independent retail butchers, manufacturers, catering butchers and wholesalers who rely on our professional approach, competitive pricing and exceptional product range.

We’re passionate about the way we do things too. We pride ourselves on good customer service. We take satisfaction from knowing precisely the journey from farm to you on the products we sell. We believe in delivering best quality, consistent products, because our customers are as demanding as yours.

You can’t fault our attention to detail anywhere. We fulfil the demands of every necessary industry certification. We’re leading members of the relevant industry bodies too. And all our facilities meet the most exacting standards possible. So you know your reputation and your business is more than safe in our hands.

You’re proud of what you do. We’re proud of what we can do for you.