Atlantic Service Company

Atlantic Service Company have been manufacturing the best quality bandsaw blades for cutting meat, fish and bread since 1901.

Today, our range includes bandsaw coil and blades, stainless-steel handsaw frames and blades, mincer plates and knives, and butchery equipment. We continue to offer premium-quality products to our global customer base, ranging from local, independent, family-run butchers to large-scale meat processors and, globally, to our network of valued distributors.

We have gained a reputation for expertise and consistently high-quality products and services. This has been achieved through our great experience in the production of blades, using state-of-the-art technology and by partnering with selected manufacturers to offer the leading brands for butchery equipment and sundries.

Our patented Hook-Eye product is renowned in butchers shops throughout the UK and our coverage across shops and outlets is almost second-to-none. More than 3,000 shops rely on our products, which we lease and replace every six months to ensure the highest quality, via our network of sales reps who personally call on each and every customer.

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